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How to Make a Conference Call on Android?

When you want to converse with more than one individual at the same time on your phone, you need to make a conference call. If you are using an Android telephone, you are lucky as it has a conference call function in it.

This works by making one call and afterward including a subsequent call. The Merge button in the telephone dial application allows you to this. And so, everybody will have the option to converse with one another.

How to Make a Conference Call on Android?

First, open your dial app and call one of the individuals that you want to converse.

After your phone call is connected, you will see some buttons on the screen, one of these is the ‘Add Call’ button. To start making a Conference call, you need to tap on this button.

When you tap this button the call you made with the first individual will be put on on hold.

Now you can call the next other persons you want add to the conversation. You can utilize the keypad to dial the number, pick the individual from the telephone’s contact book, or from the call log.

After you called the new person, the screen will show that you have two calls active. Then you can see that there is a ‘Merge Calls’ button. When you tap on this button the two calls will be merged into one.

If you followed these steps, you will see that the title on the phone’s screen now says that this is a ‘Conference Call’. Everybody in this call will be able to hear each other and can converse.

To end the call to all individuals at once, you can tap the “End Call” button.

Some Android phones allow you to disconnect calls individually while staying connected to others. If you see a ‘Manage’ button during a Conference Call, you can tap this button, mute individuals or end their connection.

You can also enable the phone’s Speaker mode by tapping the ‘Speaker’ button. And other people in the same room with you can join the conversation as well.